Lochlander Smoked

Only hand-selected premium Lochlander Salmon sides are delivered to our Smokehouse on the wild and windswept Western Isles of Scotland.

Our Slow Cure & Smoke begins when our Smoke Masters hand massage a measured amount of Sea Salt and Demerara Sugar into each Lochlander Salmon side.

Sides are then rested overnight to slowly absorb the cure. Finally they are gently smoked using Scotch Whisky cask chippings and rested for two days until our Smoke Masters determine the time is right.

4oz Retail Pack

This 4oz pack provides two servings, is presented in a striking cardboard sleeve and is ideal for retail.

The full side is a smoked whole side of salmon, providing approximately 16 servings. It is sold in a clear vacuum pack with branded label, and is most suitable for foodservice.


Whole side
Pre-sliced (D Sliced)
Variable Weight (~900g)
15 sides/box

4oz Retail Pack
Pre-sliced (D Sliced)
Minimum 4oz / 4 slices per pack
60 packs/box or 3x10 packs/box


Smoked whole side, pre sliced