Lochlander Salmon

Raised in Scotland

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It’s About Time.

In the remote Western Highlands & Islands of Scotland time seems to move more slowly. We can't put a clock on nature, which is why we allow our naturally raised premium Lochlander Scottish Salmon approximately three years to grow lean and strong. Lochlander Salmon are nurtured by our dedicated Scottish Salmon Masters, unrivalled in their passion for fish care. 

Sea Loch Fresh.

Our salmon is 100% traceable from loch to plate. It is the sea lochs of the Scottish Highlands and Islands that have shaped our landscape, heritage and people for hundreds of years. And it’s here, within these deep, cold waters, that our salmon’s journey begins, and where they too are shaped by the unique waters.

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With Passion & Pride.

A truly unique Scottish product requires a truly unique Scottish heritage, which is why most of our Salmon Masters live on the shores of the lochs themselves. Born and bred in the Highlands and Islands, they are driven by a pride in their legacy and passion for their craft – guaranteeing unrivalled care of our salmon and our environment.

"I work on our site at Strondoir Bay, situated in the crystal clear waters of Loch Fyne. It’s a fantastic place to work! We take great pride in showcasing this to our customers and local communities in the area.” Craig Johnstone, Salmon Master

A Product To Be Proud Of.

From a place of wild nature, tended by a people of bold heritage and created through a process of timeless tradition comes a product to be proud of, a rich and succulent salmon perfect for any plate.


Natural lifecycle

Growing healthy and strong for approximately 3 years.


Natural balanced diet

High marine content feed, rich in Omega 3.


Natural feed basket

Non-GMO and free from steroids, hormones or synthetic colourants.





Our Recipes

We all need a little inspiration sometimes. That’s why we’ve hand-picked some of our favourite Lochlander Salmon recipes to help you make the most of this wonderfully versatile ingredient.

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